Sea Trout Fishing Charters

Sea trout can be caught year round in Charlotte Harbor, Pine Island and Boca Grande. During the cooler months the fish move in creeks and deeper water areas. Once the water warms you can find these fish inshore and nearshore in and around sea grass, mangrove shorelines, and deep holes and above oyster bars. You can typically catch these fish on shrimp, cut bait, pilchards or artificial plastic baits.

The limit on Sea Trout is 4 per person and the fish have to be 15- 20 Inches in length with one fish in the bag limit over 20 inches.
You can identify these fish by their green/ grey top side covered in black circular speckles and white underside. These fish also have 2 predominate k9 front teeth so watch your fingers.
Spotted seatrout reach 3 feet and 15 pounds but are common in the 4-pound range.

Florida State Record Spotted Seatrout:
17 lb 7 oz, caught near Ft. Pierce