Snook Fishing Charters

Generally, the size range is from 3 to 15 pounds.
One of the best for all-around fighting ability. The fight is usually featured by several long runs and a few jumps. Small Snook leap high in the manner of Ladyfish, while the really big females manage to clear only about half their bodies.

 The common method for catch Snook is on light tackle using live bait. We typically use a lead between 20-40 lbs. and a 3-5/O circle hook.  Bait fish of choice is pilchards, pinfish, and shrimp, artificial can be used like plugs, plastics, and spoons.

These fish do not tolerate cold water temperatures and past freezes in our region have been known to kill Snook.

World record 53 pounds, 10 ounces; Florida record 44 pounds, 3 ounces