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  Captain Scott Fisher

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing

  Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing
This trip is on most anglers bucket list, I've had clients travel thousands of miles to catch what we call the "Silver King". This huge and majestic fish can weigh up to 200+ pounds and jump upwards of 8 feet out of the water. If you want to experience a trip of a lifetime look no further. A typical tarpon season runs from about April to October but the best time in the Boca Grande area is MAY- July. For more information please feel free to contact me.

Boca Grande Tarpon are considered one of the greatest saltwater game fish. They are prized not only because of the great size but also because of the fight they put up and their spectacular leaping ability. They are boney fish and their meat is not desirable, so most are released after they are caught.
State record 243 lb, Caught near Key West

During the months of May and June we experience a "Hill Tide" here in Boca Grande Pass. This is caused on our new and full moon phases. This causes a large amount of water in charlotte harbor to flush out millions of crabs on the surface of Boca Grande pass in a matter of a few hours causing a feeding frenzy amongst the tarpon. Our live wells will be loaded with crabs ready to cast at the hungry tarpon. On these select tides it in not uncommon to hook several fish in a matter of hours.
Since tarpon are a migratory fish they cannot be caught consistently year round.

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing 
Hill Tide Dates 2018 
May  1st- 3rd        13th-17th     27th- 31st
June 11th- 17th    25th- 31st
July  10th- 18th

Multiple day discounts available  



6 Hours- $600
8 Hours- $800
Full Day- $1000 

Full day is 9 to 12 hours